How Are Speciality Sandwiches Different From Other Sandwiches?

specialty sandwiches

Ever since childhood, most people have loved sandwiches. They are really the perfect meal in so many ways. They are easy to handle, easy to make, and have a ton of variety. You can get very creative with the type of sandwiches you eat. And you can also get pretty classy and special when you have specialty sandwiches.

A specialty sandwich, also known as a gourmet sandwich to some, is a unique and distinct type of sandwich that goes beyond the typical deli or homemade sandwich. In other words, it’s not like something you would see at the popular sub chains that people visit.

Specialty sandwiches are crafted with an emphasis on exceptional ingredients, creative flavor combinations, and often a touch of culinary artistry. They take the ordinary and make them extraordinary.

Although there are many elements to them, specialty sandwiches are known for their originality, using high-quality components like artisanal bread, gourmet meats, cheeses, and specialty condiments. They aim to provide a memorable and elevated sandwich experience, often found in upscale delis, cafes, or sandwich shops. Whether it’s a roast beef sandwich with horseradish or a vegetarian masterpiece with roasted veggies and local ingredients, these specialty sandwiches are all about offering a unique and delicious twist on this classic meal. They stand out from regular sandwiches due to several distinctive characteristics.

Unique Ingredients

Specialty sandwiches and salads feature high-quality and often unique ingredients that set them apart. These ingredients may include artisanal bread, rare or gourmet meats, superior lettuce and dressing, cheeses, and special condiments. Customers might have to pay more for these specialty items but they are very open to the higher price point because the taste is superior.

Creative Combinations

Gourmet sandwiches almost always showcase creative and unusual combinations of flavors, textures, and ingredients that you wouldn’t typically find in a standard sandwich. Sometimes they include ingredients that people might not always think go together, such as high-end meats and fresh fruits. But the customer is willing to take a risk with specialty sandwiches, as long as the business delivers something delicious and also very unique too.

Culinary Expertise

Specialty sandwiches are often crafted by chefs or skilled sandwich makers who understand the art of balancing flavors, portion sizes, and presentation. There is a science to making food and the people who thrive with their own brand of gourmet sandwiches have spent a lot of time studying that. Most specialty sandwiches are dreamt up by people who have attended culinary school and have explored the entire food service industry in many ways and at many businesses.

Attention to Detail

The people who make these sandwiches always pay very close attention to every detail, from the type of bread used to the way the ingredients are layered and the precise condiments and spreads chosen. Sometimes it’s the most minute and unattended aspect of the sandwich that makes it the most special. The chefs who create these masterpieces are taking a very deep and important look at the entire structure of the sandwich and trying to do something different and new.

Unique Sauces and Spreads

Specialty sandwiches also often feature special house-made or specially sourced sauces, spreads, and dressings that add a unique and unforgettable taste. Again, they might make choices that will turn heads or even make people a bit timid about trying things but they are always done with attention to detail and a goal of leaving a great, special taste in customer’s mouths.

Fresh and Local Ingredients

Specialty sandwiches almost always prioritize using fresh, locally sourced, and seasonal ingredients to enhance the sandwich’s overall quality. This will often raise the price but it will also make strong connections with the local community and also prove a commitment to making the best sandwich possible while supporting those in the region.


There is an art to the presentation of food and that is definitely true with gourmet sandwiches. These special types of sandwiches are usually presented with care, whether it’s through artistic plating, unique garnishes, or the use of branded wrappers or packaging. No one should ever judge a book by its cover but the presentation of specialty sandwiches is a large part of its appeal.

Name and Branding

Specialty sandwiches usually come with a creative and catchy name that reflects the sandwich’s personality, contributing to their uniqueness. Sometimes the name contains puns, jokes, or references to the ingredients used.

Thematic or Regional Influences

Specialty sandwiches might draw inspiration from a particular region, culture, or theme, incorporating specific ingredients and flavors that reflect that influence. This is a great way to draw attention and raise eyebrows but also a way to celebrate a special part of the world.

Limited Availability

Some specialty sandwiches may have limited availability, offered as seasonal specials or as part of a rotating menu, making them a more exclusive and coveted option. This drums up interest in the sandwich and makes its availability a special time of year. People will literally line up around the block for specialty sandwiches, especially when they know that they cannot get them for a very long time. Like holidays, it’s something wonderful that only comes once a year.

Price Point

Due to the high-quality ingredients and culinary expertise involved, specialty sandwiches may be priced higher than standard sandwiches. Again, customers are comfortable paying more as long as they know they are getting something one-of-a-kind and memorable.

Specialty sandwiches are not just a meal, they are instead a whole culinary experience. They are designed to surprise and delight the taste buds with exceptional ingredients and creative combinations, making them a distinct and memorable choice for sandwich enthusiasts. For some time, many people thought that gourmet sandwiches were only for high-end foodies. But the times have changed and no specialty sandwiches are available all over the world and in many regions of the United States.
Sandwiches have been around for generations and have always been one of the most reliable and delicious meals in the world. But specialty sandwiches have taken something so time-tested and yummy and have enhanced them in so many special, unique ways.

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