7 Reasons Tony Boy’s Is The King of The Cutlet Sandwich in NJ


Sandwiches come in different shapes, sizes, and tastes. The variety is what makes them great (among other things). But here’s the rub: with so many sandwich options and combinations, it’s hard to choose which place has the best.

The good news is there is one sandwich place in particular. Tony Boy’s has a cutlet sandwich in NJ that might be the best you’ve ever had. In fact, we’ll take the time to give you seven reasons why Tony Boy’s might be the best when it comes to these types of sandwiches.

So let’s not waste any more time. Here’s a look at the following reasons why Tony Boy’s is your best place for a gourmet sandwich.

Two convenient locations (and a third on the way)

New Jersey may be home to so many sandwich shops. Tony Boy’s currently has two locations in Livingston and Madison. A third one in Montville will be coming up soon.

No matter where you are, you might not be too far from trying out the best chicken cutlet sandwiches in New Jersey. If you’re looking for something that screams “this is so Garden State”, try the Stallone or even the Calzone cutlet sandwich. Either way, you can be close by or take a bit of a long drive to try it out (and we won’t blame you if you’re in the latter category).

You can eat in or get convenient sandwich delivery in NJ. If a cutlet sandwich is what you want, come to one of our locations or we’ll send it your way. You choose.

You have vegetarian options

If you think Tony Boy’s isn’t “vegetarian friendly”, not so fast. In fact, we have options that will be excellent for those looking for something that isn’t made from meat. An eggplant cutlet sandwich just might be what you’re looking for.

The real question is: what would go well with eggplant cutlets? We might say all of our sandwiches. The “Chop Chop” may be one of the more obvious choices.

Another might be the American or the West Coast. Either way, you have a few options and combinations to play around with. Which one will stand out more – you be the judge.

We got salads too

OK, we get it – maybe you don’t feel like having the best cutlet sandwiches in New Jersey. It’s fine, we won’t blame you. Maybe you’re in the mood for salads?

We have 10 different types for you to choose from. We even have a salad with our name on it. No joke – it’s made from diced salami, pepperoni, provolone, and all kinds of veggies.

The Tony Boy may be something worth trying if you want a salad with plenty of meat. Maybe tomorrow you’ll go back to a sandwich. We’ll still be making them so it’s OK to skip a day.

We have a PB&J and bacon sandwich

Oh yes – it’s true. We have a cutlet sandwich in NJ that features peanut butter, jelly, and bacon. Either that’s the most disgusting thing you’ve heard of or the most intriguing sandwich that you want to try?

Even crazier is that it’s called the Nutty Pig.

You have got to try it if you love PBJ and bacon. It might be the craziest match made in heaven. Try it yourself and tell your friends. It just might be your newest addiction.

High-quality ingredients

What makes one of the best cutlet sandwiches in NJ stand out? Ingredients that are high-quality. This will make every sandwich tasty from the first bite to the last.

If you have never visited a Tony Boy’s in New Jersey, this may be your chance to try out our sandwiches. Because you never know how good a sandwich can be – even if you’ve tried them out at places like Subway or even WaWa. Some sandwich places claim high-quality ingredients and don’t back it up.
But we do. One good reason why we are the best when it comes to cutlet sandwiches.

It’s locally owned

You keep hearing stories about how great national brands like Subway and Jersey Mike’s are. Well to be fair, Jersey Mikes is headquartered in New Jersey…so does it count as a locally owned sandwich brand? You be the judge of that.

But if you’re someone in New Jersey that appreciates local business, Tony Boy’s is the place. We’re not a big name and we might keep it that way. If you’re planning a trip to the Garden State, you might as well get a unique experience by trying out a cutlet sandwich from one of our two (soon to be three) locations. We’ve been around for over a decade and we have the chance to grow more.

Because we love you – the customer

Here’s the thing: we want to provide our customers with the best tasting sandwiches ever. It doesn’t matter if you’re living in New Jersey or visiting – we want you to enjoy something memorable. The high-quality ingredients, the way the sandwiches are made, and all the choices your heart desires.

It’s our way to say that we appreciate you and enjoy your business. After all, what better way to love yourself with a tasty sandwich that comes with your choice of chicken or eggplant? Better yet, adding on a combination of veggies and meats would be even better.

While we’re just a sandwich brand that may grow into something bigger, we want to make sure we leave you with the best impression possible. If more people want Tony Boy’s sandwiches – we’ll give it to them.


There is no question that Tony Boy’s might be the best when it comes to cutlet sandwiches in NJ. You have plenty of options to choose from. Yes, we have the standard sandwiches as well and more in terms of our menu.

Whatever you might be in the mood for sandwich-wise, Tony Boy’s might be the place to be. Sure, we’ve got a few locations – but we do our best to make a big deal for your taste buds. And for a sandwich shop in New Jersey, we want to kind of be a big deal while staying small.

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