Local Favorites for Hoagies in NJ


Hoagies are one of the most iconic sandwiches out there. And they seem to be quite a hit in New Jersey. The Garden State has plenty of sandwich shops – many of them are local.

And you might find your favorite sandwich that will be delicious with every single bite. In this guide, you’ll find out about some of the best places to find hoagies in NJ. You might find a place that you’ll keep coming back to again and again.

Whether it’s for lunch or satisfying late night cravings, we’ve got you covered. Let’s take a look now at what you want to know about getting a hoagie in NJ (and where to find them).

Hoagies in NJ: Where To Find Them

Hoagies are popular in NJ. And you’d be crazy to miss out on eating one when you’re visiting the Garden State. The locals might even know a few good places on where to find the perfect one.

Let’s take a look at some places where it may be possible to grab a hoagie in NJ along with some of our best suggestions:

White House Subs (Atlantic City)

With two convenient locations in Atlantic City, White House Subs has all kinds of options for subs and hoagies. If you’re at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, there’s one inside.

Talk about convenience and staying at a rockin’ place while you’re on vacation. This place has been in business for more than 70 years. And they might be the epitome of greatness when it comes to making sandwiches including hoagies.

With fresh quality ingredients and breadth, you’re in for quite a treat. If you’re visiting Atlantic City and not staying at the Hard Rock, the iconic Arctic Avenue location is worth a visit if you’re close by.

Carmen’s Deli (Bellmawr)

If you’re on the Jersey side of the Delaware River, you might find yourself in Bellmawr. That’s where you find Carmen’s Deli. While Philadelphia is 15 minutes away, why travel that far for a Philly Cheese Steak sandwich? Or maybe a hoagie that you might enjoy?

In fact, Carmen’s is home to award winning hoagies that you can enjoy. Want to try one for yourself? Do yourself a favor and make a trip to the place that has been one of the best kept secrets in South Jersey for almost 60 years.

If you want convenience, you can order your favorite sandwich by way of their website. One bite of these sandwiches and you’ll want more. Trust us on this.

Donkey’s Place (Camden)

Staying in the Philadelphia suburbs of Jersey, we make our way to Camden. For more than 80 years, this has been the place to get a great hoagie sandwich. It’s perhaps one of the better known sandwich shops in South Jersey and has been featured by legendary chef Anthony Bourdain.

Aside from hoagies, it also claims to have the best cheesesteak in the region, maybe the country. So no point in traveling to Philly, right? That’s entirely up to you.

But nevertheless, you may want to consider making a trip here if you want a mouthwatering sandwich that is guaranteed to get your taste buds going.

Jersey Mike’s

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention this place in particular. Yes, it’s a national chain. But it does have deep New Jersey roots.

What better place to get a hoagie in NJ at a place where it all started? You get plenty of options to choose from including fresh ingredients like meats, veggies, and more. If you prefer the local sandwich shops (and we don’t blame you for a second), we still have plenty of more options to go over with you.

Fiore’s Deli (Hoboken)

Continuing our travels across the Garden State, we find our way across the river from New York City to Hoboken. This is one of the oldest sandwich shops in New Jersey, having been in business since 1903.

If you are looking for an excellent option for hoagies, you’re going to love it here. But be sure to get in while you can, because they open from 8AM to 6pm every day. While it might not be the place for late night cravings, it’s certainly an excellent place to snag a hoagie for lunch.

And once you’re finished, you can make the trip over to the Big Apple and explore what might be the “Greatest City in the World”. Just remember to make a trip back to the Jersey side for another hoagie (hint hint).

Vito’s Deli (Hoboken)

If you want to try another hoagie, there’s also Vito’s Deli. Which just so happens to be in Hoboken too. Like Fiore’s it’s a great place for lunch if you want a hoagie.

It won’t be a place for late night cravings as they close their doors at 5pm. But hey, you can get a darn good hoagie from this legendary place. It’s one of the more highly-rated places to get a sandwich in the NYC area – and you don’t have to travel across the river to find the perfect hoagie.

You can order online for delivery or pickup by way of GrubHub. If you want to get a preview of the sandwiches you can get from this place, Vito’s Deli happens to have an Instagram page. Look at their photos long enough and you will start getting hungry.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for the best hoagies in NJ, look no further than these places on the list. It’s always a good idea to explore the best kept secrets the Garden State has to offer. You might enjoy one place or many others.

At that point, you’ll have a hard time choosing which place is best. Don’t miss out on your chance to get the best hoagie. Find one made from freshly baked bread, delicious meats, cheeses, and so much more.
Your journey for the perfect hoagie roll doesn’t have to be a long one. It just might be somewhere in NJ – even if it’s right in your backyard.

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