Subs, Hoagies, Heroes, and the Best Destinations for Cold Sandwiches In NJ

cold sandwiches NJ

In New Jersey, the cold sandwich isn’t just a meal; it’s a cultural touchstone, a tradition, and innovation in every bite.

Here, new sub sandwich franchises and cozy low-cost eateries are revolutionizing the game, offering gourmet experiences that defy nature. It’s a state where the love of sandwiches heats up, even when the fillings are cool.

From the shores to the bustling cities, NJ’s sandwich scene is a delectable mosaic, where every hero, hoagie, and sub tells a story. Read on for a taste of the best cold sandwiches NJ has to offer, and the spots that turn a simple sandwich into a sublime feast.

The Rise of New Sub Sandwich Franchises in NJ

When it comes to cold sandwiches NJ, it’s the new franchises that you have to thank for all the options. Newcomers like Tony Boy’s Sandwich House are adding to this wave with their unique offerings and low cost sandwich franchises, broadening the landscape for low-cost, high-quality sandwich options. These new sub sandwich franchises are not only diversifying the culinary choices but also contributing to local economies and communities in New Jersey. This dynamic growth illustrates the state’s appetite for innovation within the beloved sandwich scene.

The Best Places for Cold Sandwiches NJ

Tony Boy’s Sandwich House

Tony Boy’s Sandwich House, with its bustling locations in North New Jersey, crafts a sandwich experience that’s all about abundance and flavor. They’re lauded for their sizable, satisfying cold sandwiches, which are created with a keen focus on freshness and gourmet quality. Whether it’s their famed chicken cutlet classics or the variety of cold subs, each sandwich is a testament to the shop’s dedication to sandwich perfection, enticing locals and visitors alike to indulge in a taste that’s distinctly New Jersey. If cold isn’t your thing, Tony Boy’s offers the best hot sandwiches NJ too.

Andrea Salumeria

Andrea Salumeria in Jersey City is a beloved family-run business since 1975, renowned for its authentic Italian cold sandwiches. Crowned the winner of the 2016 N.J. Best Sub/Hoagie Shop Showdown, this deli is a local gem where sandwiches are crafted with fresh, homemade mozzarella, and meats sliced to perfection. Customers rave about their large assortment of Italian deli classics, with a menu that promises to deliver a true taste of Italy in every bite.


Subslingers, a dynamic sandwich shop located in Scotch Plains, New Jersey, is quickly becoming a go-to destination for sub enthusiasts. They are known for their commitment to quality, serving up a variety of cold subs that are both traditional and inventive, catering to a range of palates. Their menu promises generous portions, made with fresh, high-quality ingredients, all at prices that make gourmet accessible. Subslingers is not just a place to eat but a community hub where the love of good food and good company comes together.

Hoagie Haven

Hoagie Haven, steeped in Princeton history since the 1970s, is famed for its gargantuan hoagies that are a staple for the local community and visitors alike. Their cold sandwiches are a testament to their dedication to filling every roll with an abundance of quality, flavorful ingredients. This shop has honed the art of sandwich-making, offering a menu that satisfies those craving a classic cold hoagie or seeking something uniquely ‘Haven’ — a blend of tradition and innovation in every bite.

White House Sub Shop

White House Sub Shop, an Atlantic City icon since 1946, epitomizes the essence of New Jersey’s sub culture. Renowned for their cold sandwiches, they emphasize the importance of fresh, top-quality bread as the foundation of their subs. Their commitment to using the finest meats, cheeses, and toppings complements the bread, creating subs that are a testament to traditional New Jersey recipes. This combination of exceptional ingredients and time-honored methods has made White House Sub Shop a go-to destination for sub lovers.

Jersey Mike’s

Jersey Mike’s, a trailblazer in the sub sandwich industry, stands out for its extensive selection of cold subs. Known for their authentic Northeast-American style, they prepare subs Mike’s Way with onions, lettuce, tomatoes, oil, vinegar, and spices. Their menu features a variety of options, including classics like the BLT and the Original Italian, each made with freshly sliced meats and cheeses. Jersey Mike’s commitment to quality and tradition has made them a beloved choice for sub enthusiasts nationwide.

Fiore’s House of Quality

Fiore’s House of Quality in Hoboken, NJ, is celebrated for its exceptional cold sandwiches, especially their renowned roast beef and fresh mozzarella sandwich. This family-run deli, a Hoboken staple, has been serving up classic Italian-American deli fare for over a century. Their sandwiches are made with freshly sliced, high-quality meats and cheeses, and their homemade mozzarella is a highlight, adding a unique and flavorful touch to their cold subs. Fiore’s commitment to tradition and quality has made it a beloved institution in the area.


PrimoHoagies, with its roots in South Philadelphia and a strong presence in New Jersey, is famous for its Italian-style cold hoagies. They specialize in a variety of cold subs featuring premium meats and cheeses, coupled with their signature fresh bread. Known for its commitment to quality and traditional flavors, PrimoHoagies offers a diverse menu that includes classic Italian hoagies, providing a truly authentic hoagie experience. This franchise is a testament to New Jersey’s rich sandwich heritage, offering a slice of Philly’s best right in the Garden State.

Tastee Sub Shop

Tastee Sub Shop, a New Jersey classic, is celebrated for its straightforward yet delicious cold subs. Established in Edison in 1963, Tastee has been a local favorite for decades, known for its generous portions and fresh ingredients. Their cold sandwiches, ranging from traditional turkey and roast beef to Italian specialties, are served on soft, fresh bread with a simple dressing of lettuce, tomato, and spices. The simplicity and quality of Tastee’s subs have earned them a loyal following in the Garden State.

Final Thoughts

New Jersey’s sandwich scene is a vibrant mix of tradition and innovation, making it a haven for sandwich enthusiasts. From time-honored delis to emerging sub sandwich franchises, the state offers an exciting variety of cold sandwiches NJ.

We encourage you to explore both the classic and the new, discovering why New Jersey’s sandwich landscape is as diverse as it is delicious. Dive into this culinary adventure and experience the best sandwiches the Garden State has to offer.

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